Mar 21, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 11 - Prank Call on Angie | TWD The Other Side

SPOILER ALERT:  We discuss TWD episode 14 "The Other Side", Netflix Original "Iron Fist" and the documentary Tickled.  Also meet Angie whose house may have a spiritual presence.  Listen as Cynthia pranks her by offering her psychic advise.  Email us at  Follow us on Twitter @TheLadyBroz and Instagram TheLadyBroz.


Mar 17, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 10 - Bonus Cast - Prank Call on CoWorker 2

SPOILER ALERT:  We discuss The Vampire Diaries and give a synopsis of Rectify.  Laugh with us as we prank call another co-worker!  Cynthia has way too much flirting with the men!  Jodie teases Cynthia about a post-apocalyptic world in which she is surrounded by Victoria Secret Models who are gay.  What would she do?  Tune in to hear her answers!  Email us at


Mar 16, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 9 - TWD Bury Me Here

SPOILER ALERT:  We discuss TWD episode 13 "Bury Me Here" as well as "This is Us", "Manchester By The Sea", "Hinterland".  Email us at  Catch us on Instagram as theladybroz.


Mar 10, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 8 - Prank Played on CoWorker | TWD Say Yes

SPOILER ALERT - Today the lady broz play a prank on a co-worker, discuss the movie Allied, and TV shows Legion and Billionare, Bates Motel and Lost, as well as latest The Walking Dead episode "Say Yes".


Mar 3, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 7 - TWD Hostiles and Calamities | Spotlight on Get Out and Riverdale

SPOILER ALERT:  We discuss The Walking Dead episode 11 as well as the movies Get Out and the CW show Riverdale.


Feb 27, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 6 - Discussion of more TV Shows | TWD Review New Best Friends

SPOILER ALERT:  We discuss Transgender Bathroom Rules and the shows Big Little Lies, Girls, and Legion.  Jodie picks a shot to synopsis this week and we discuss the latest TWD episode "New Best Friends".


Feb 27, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 5 - Discussion on Relationships and Cupid | TWD Rock In the Road Review

SPOILER ALERT:  This episode the Lady Broz discuss "Rock in the Road" episode of The Walking Dead.  


Feb 24, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 4 - Clean Your Dryer Vents | Save Sri Lanka Street Dogs | Various TV Shows

SPOILER ALERT:  The Lady Broz discuss the Minimalist, 50 Shades Darker, HBO Girls and a synopsis on Blindspot.  Cynthia picks on Jodie about befriending "exes". And we spotlight a cause worthy of donations.  Visit WECare Save Sri Lanka Street Dogs:  Donate Here!


Feb 10, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 3 - Valentine’s Day | NetFlix Shows | The Walking Dead Returns

SPOILER ALERT:  This episode we discuss NetFlix shows - The Santa Clarita Diet, UnBreakable Kimmy, OJ Versus The People, Flaked, as well as Stranger Things II and our predications of what's going to happen when The Walking Dead returns this Sunday.  Special Mention of Season 4 of The 100 and the Lexa's death controvery.  Please email us at  We look forward to your question and suggestions!  


Dec 22, 2016

The Lady Broz - Podcast 2 - Train To Busan | OA or Stranger Things?

SPOILER ALERT:  The Lady Broz discuss NetFlix originals OA and Stranger Things as well as the movie Train to Busan.


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