Mar 9, 2018

The Lady Broz - Podcast 25 - TWD Returns

It's been a while, but the ladies are back with a brand new year!  This episode focuses on "Good Girls", "GOT", "Here and Now" as well as the return of The Walking Dead.  Jodie admits to spending way too many hours playing State of Decay on her XBox!


Dec 13, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 24 - The Walking Dead Season 8 Midseason Finale

The ladies discuss the midseason finale of TWD, including the fate of Carl Grimes.  Also Cynthia and Jodie recommend a few shows.


Nov 10, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 23 - The Walking Dead S8 Ep 3 | The Girl With All The Gifts | Ingrid Goes West

What will happen with all the sexual harrassment that is going on in Hollywood?  The ladies discuss this as well as the following:  Ingrid Goes West; The Girl With All The Gifts; Untold Stories of the ER; and The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3.


Nov 5, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 22 - Alias Grace | Gaga Five Foot Two | Stranger Things | The Walking Dead Season 8

The ladies discuss netflix original show Alias Grace as well as the Lady Gaga documentary Five Foot Two. The Walking Dead Season 8 starts off with a bang, literally a few of them.  Why can't Rick's bullets find Negan's head?  Stranger Things Season 2 and Carol the movie are on Netflix.  


Oct 10, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 21 - Harvey Weinstein | Halloween Favorites

This podcast, the ladies discusses current events and a lot of TV shows and movies, including AHS, Vice Principals, Ghosted, This is Us, The Bold Type, The Good Place, The Good Doctor, Fear The Walking Dead and a bunch more!  SPOILER ALERT:  Cynthia uses profanity!  


Aug 20, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 20 - The Lowe Files | Sinner | What Happened to Monday

The ladies discuss the TV Shows The Lowes Files | Sinner | Midnight Texas | Defenders | and movies Hell and High Water | Dark Towers | What Happened to Monday.  Don't forget the Solar Eclipse tomorrow!  Wear your glasses and join us for another edition of The Lady Broz after we have witnessed this once in a lifetime event.


Aug 3, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 19 - Van Helsing | Vice Principals | Sinner | Dark Tower and More!

The lady broz discuss various shows and movies including documentaries "Losing Sight of Shore" and "The Keepers" from NetFlix as well as No Escape with Owen Wilson and Lake Bell.  Is the LWord having a reboot on Showtime?  Is Carmen every Lesbian's Dream Girl?  FTWD returns on Sept 10 and TWD Season 8 premiers October 22.  We are excited!!!!!


Jul 25, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 18 | NetFlix Originals Ozark - GLOW - Paranoid | GOT | Wynonna Earp

Lady Broz discuss the shows Ozark, Glow, Paranoid, Game of Thrones and Wynonna Earp and the movies Assignment and The Lost City of Z.  Jodie discusses the #Earpers of Wynonna Earp and the song Fragile Heart written and recorded by Georgie Luttrell.  You can catch the song and video here: WWW Earp | Fragile Heart | Wynonna Earp | Georgie Luttrell. Follow @georgieluttrell on Twitter!  

What about those crazy neighbors who threaten your life? Yeah the ladies have something to say about them!


Jun 29, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 17

The ladies discuss FTWD, Upcoming movies, Wonder Woman and more.


Jun 22, 2017

The Lady Broz - Podcast 16

The ladies discuss their favorite shows and movies including Wonder Woman, IT Comes At Night, and Cars


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